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The Automobile industry comprises of companies dealing in motor vehicles. These companies design, develop,manufacture, market and sell self-powered vehicles. The industry has an illustrious history, which began in the 18th century with the effort of producing “horseless carriages”. It has come a long way today, becoming an important revenue generating part of the world’s economy. U.S, Japan and China are the world’s leading manufacturers of automobiles. While the market is in these countries as well as others, India is emerging as a huge market for automobiles. Safety of consumers is considered very important in this industry. Care is taken so that no harm, injury etc. befalls any of the users. Therefore, the automobile manufacturers have to incorporateand abide certain norms very strictly. The automobile designing and manufacturing process goes through stringent steps of production, tests and delivery. Consumer delight and safety are considered to be most important and precious.

List of Automobile Business Ideas

vehicle accessories provider 0

Vehicle Accessories Provider

While walking down the street one day, I really got thrilled seeing so many vehicles running on the street which really made me think how people are becoming crazy for vehicles, nobody wants to...

car cleaning services 0

Car Cleaning Services

Today my 3 year old daughter was playing with her car and then after playing she washed her car and kept aside; I was sitting and watching her doing all this and then a...