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Education is teaching, imparting knowledge, about a certain subject or subjects. In today’s times, education means facilitating learning. A teacher’s or an educator’s job is considered to be a noble profession. The responsibility of creating a knowledgeable, skilled, well mannered, cultured, evolved, mature work force lies on the shoulders of educators. In the ancient times, children were sent away to gurukuls where they stayed with their teachers, learnt their lessons and came back to the world when their education got completed. Today, gurukuls have been replaced by schools, colleges, universities, professional course training institutes etc. Teachers teach and students learn, take periodic exams, pass these and graduate. Then, they become ready for the professional world. Learning sports and participating in extra-curricular activities also form an important part of education. In the present times, focus is shifting more on student participation and collaborative learning. Technology plays an important role in today’s education. Courses are developed as e-learning, where students go through the courses from the comforts of their home. They have the advantage of re running the parts not understood by them and taking quizzes. E learning can reach everywhere; students have access to great quality, etc. Like all aspects of our lives, technology is taking over education too, and making it fast, simple and efficient.

List of Education Business Ideas

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English Speaking classes/courses

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Private Tutor

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Translation Services

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