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Tourism industry involves all the activities related to travel and stay to another location, other than own residence.The tourism industry is booming all over the world as more and more people are taking vacations, domestic and international. The idea of working hard all year long and saving money to take vacations at least once or maybe twice a year is very popular. Some make it a point to even steal away some weekends in the quite of hill stations or other locations of their choice. The allied industries such as hotel, travel (bus, train, air, ship), activities such as shopping, tourist guide flourish too, with great tourism. The obvious other fact is that great tourism brings in huge revenue and thereby is healthy for a country’s economy. The tourists are interested in locations, food, culture etc. of the country they visit. It is the get away from their routine that promises to rejuvenate them and provides an amazing time. In order to make our country an attractive tourist destination, we have to become good hosts, be honest and welcoming, take care of cleanliness, share our culture, in short ensure that our guests have the time of their lives and wish to revisit us. Nature has already showered its bounty, now it’s our turn to make the most of it. People who love traveling and all the other aspects of it must take up tourism as their profession.

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Oh travelling is my passion. I love travelling and want to explore every corner of the world sometime. And I know many of you have the same passion as I do. Have you ever...